Previous work

A falling ballet (2019-2021)
©Chris Scott

A falling ballet invites the audience into the space, amongst the whirling dancers, in an attempt to bring people physically closer to ballet and offer new perspectives on the art form.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO & Summerhall. Performed at Summerhall Scratch Night 2019 / Pianodrome 2019 / DanceLive 2019 / Hidden Door 2021 / Summerhall Fair Play 2021

Available for performance, either as excerpts or full length (30mins). Suitable for theatrical, site specific and outdoor locations.

Choreographer: Róisín O’Brien

Dance Artists: Taylor Han, Sara Kaspersen, Rachel Laird, Christina Liddell, Millie Thomas, Kirsten Walker

Set and Costume DesignRosie Whiting

Producer: Lottie Barker

Some People Say / Great (2017-2018)
©Maria Falconer

‘Some People Say is a frightening piece precisely because of the cool intelligence of its premise: it asks us to consider the systems and the viewpoints that created these unnervingly eloquent puppets, regardless of whether we dislike them or not. Boldly complex in its movement language and confident in its execution, Some People Say is remarkable and disturbing.’  Exeunt Magazine

Some People Say is a snapshot in time, a response to the Trump presidency in its campaign and first few months in office. Two dancers, each a different Trump, a different articulation of opposing views.

Some People Say was selected for Resolution at The Place in 2018 & Hidden Door in 2018, with music composition by silo portem.

Developed from Great, which was selected for Dance Base’s Heads Up programme in 2017. Devised with and performed by Christina Liddell & Katie Armstrong.

Entrails (2016)

‘O’Brien’s choreography is at times brave and unforgiving, challenging the three performers to stretch to the limits of human interaction with each other and the space. With great energy as both a company and as individual dancers, the show has the energy of a young dance company with a lot of potential, a definite one to watch in the next few years.’ A Younger Theatre.

Entrails is a dance theatre piece inspired by Joseph Heller’s Catch-22.  The piece was directed by Róisín for Parachute Dance, and was first shown at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.

Devised with and performed by Jenny Geertsen, Kayla Tomé and Emily Neighbour. Choreographic assistance by Emily Wong. Production by Aran Ward Sell & Laura Jones. Film by Christopher Brooks.

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