A falling ballet

A falling ballet started development in February 2019. Thanks to Open Project Funding from Creative Scotland, it was developed into a production ready performance in late 2020.

A falling ballet invites the audience into the space, amongst the whirling dancers, in an attempt to bring people physically closer to ballet and offer new perspectives on the art form.

The project has been developed from residencies at Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO in Aberdeen, and Summerhall and Dance Base in Edinburgh.

Excerpts of A falling ballet was shown as part of Summerhall’s Scratch Night in February 2019, at Pianodrome in August 2019 during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and at Dance Live 2019.

It received its first full-length performance with set & costumes in September 2021 at Hidden Door (main picture by Chris Scott), and was subsequently shown at Summerhall’s Fair Play event in November 2021.

A falling ballet is available for future performances, either as short excerpts or as a full performance (30 minutes). The work can be shown in theatrical, site specific and outdoor locations.

Choreographer: Róisín O’Brien

Dance Artists: Taylor Han, Sara Kaspersen, Rachel Laird, Christina Liddell, Millie Thomas, Kirsten Walker

Set and Costume Design: Rosie Whiting

Producer: Lottie Barker

Promotional Trailer: Eilidh Kellaway


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