Female Rock Ballet (working title)

This new work is inspired by the women in early and classic rock, and women making rock music today.

Rock music is anti-establishment, aggressive, challenging. But it can also be the preserve of (white) men, and can be subsumed into a fairly bland conservative culture. This work looks at female singers, musicians and bands who use this music to challenge the status quo and to express strong emotion, and seeks to find common overlaps with ballet. Ballet has its own set of rigid gender codes, while also containing rhythm, drive, energy, show(wo)manship, technique, daring, and joy. This new work explores the energy and connection between the two art forms. 

Currently in development in 2022/23 thanks to support from Creative Scotland, Dance Base, Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO, and the Royal Lyceum Theatre.

Director: Róisín O’Brien 

Choreography: Róisín O’Brien with dancers Amy Longmuir, Rosie Mackley, Isla Roebig, Millie Thomas & Sam Vaherlehto 

Dramaturg: David Greig

Costume: Rosie Whiting 

Lighting: Dav Bernard

Producer: Alexandra Lort Phillips / Yard Heads

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