Parliament of Ghosts

Parliament of Ghosts is a specially commissioned site-specific performance in collaboration with composer Rowan McIlvride. The work premiered at Hidden Door Festival in 2022, designed specifically for the Central Chamber in the Old Royal High School, which was at one point in its history earmarked to be the debating chamber of a Scottish devolved parliament.

A stairway that disappears into darkness. Abandoned meeting rooms littered with municipal remains. A flutter of wings. Creatures flit in and out of sight, weaving through distorted spaces, their motives unclear. A gathering commences in the grand debating chamber: a final dance for the end of days…

As well as the performance on the central stage, the work featured pop-up improvised duets and specially created films, projected throughout the previously abandoned building.

Supported by Creative Scotland and Dance Base.

Choreography and Direction: Róisín O’Brien

Composition and Performance: Rowan McIlvride

Choreography and Performance: Jorja Follina, Rachel Laird, Jemma Stein, Malcolm Sutherland

Projections: Trenchone

Lighting Design: Andy Gannon

Costume Design: Maike Venzlaff Ruiz

Images & Promotional Trailer: Max Crawford

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